This past Saturday, October 8th, we took a trip to Beacon, New York, the home of the Dia, a huge contemporary art museum. The main reason for going was to see an exhibition of paintings that students that I know from Andrew Lattimore’s studio. The Howland Cultural Center on Main Street is hosting the exhibition, which runs until the end of October. It was great to see the work of my colleagues who I have come to like and admire at the reception.


My husband, Paul met some of the group that went with us to paint in Tuscany for the first time since July. He really had a fun time catching up with my fellow painters and their families.


Great variety of Landscapes, Portraiture, Still Life and Life Paintings were presented.


There were nearly 30 painters represented. Quite a crowd showed up for the opening and it was fun catching up and meeting some new artists and attendees. Every painter had about 5 works in their own section and 1 painting on the balcony. The lighting for the exhibition was excellent and the works were quite impressive. Overall, it was well worth the drive to get there. And here is Maestro himself

What a great success! Congratulations Andrew!

Probably because of the Dia, Beacon, the town is enjoying a revival with a number of art galleries, antique shops, good restaurants and lively atmosphere. Beacon is ideal for a day trip

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