We just returned from an exciting trip exploring New Orleans. Beginning from the Louis Armstrong airport in New Orleans and all around the town you feel the sculpture and art are the part of history and a form of entertainment here.

Though the city suffered and still hasn’t fully recovered from the Katrina storm, historical architecture is still intact. It has taken the city a long time to bounce back from the devastation the hurricane caused.

The Cabildo building, built in the baroque style, is located in the French Quarter neighborhood, were our hotel was located, was the seat of government in New Orleans during the Spanish colonial period, and it is where the Louisiana Purchase was signed.

the Cabildo building

Next to the Cabildo was the St. Louis Cathedral. A beautiful structure that is well maintained. At night from the back of the Cathedral there is a huge shadow of Jesus reflected from a statue in the foreground. It was quite impressive.

“Dressed” food? It means everything in it! For example the famous Po’Boy with different fillings was invented in New Orleans. The City is famous for its food, especially the seafood and shell fish. One restaurant, Casamentos only serves oysters served raw or cooked in a variety of ways. The creole cooking was a bit spicy for my taste. We enjoyed walking to see a lot of the sights and got some good miles in.

with my brother and his wife



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