Before Thanksgiving we were able to visit German painter Max Beckmann exhibition at the Met.

In front of Portrait of Irma Simon, Oil on canvas

It is covering his time in St. Louise and New York City before his death in 1950. He suffered a fatal heart attack on his way from his apartment on the West side to exhibition of his Selfportrait in Blue Jacket at the Met. His bold brush strokes covey so much meaning. You can feel his vitality and love of life. He painted over 60 self portraits and there were 7 or 8 hanging. The portraits of his second wife, Quappa, were lovingly done.

Quappy in Gray, 1948 Oil on canvas


Paul in front of Self-Portrait with White Hat, 1926 Oil on canvas
Another Self-Portrait in Blue Jacket, 1950

The exhibition is on untill February 20, 2017


To reed more, visit museum web


One thought on “Death of Max Beckmann.

  1. What a lovely and thoughtfully arranged exhibition thank you for sharing with us! Beckmann was an incredibly talented, multi-faceted painter and it is great to see that the Met decided to do a Beckmann retrospective to honor his work and highlight his strong connection to New York City. Thank you for sharing!


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