Recently I had a conversation with my friend about what it takes to produce a work of art. We, as artists, are striving on a journey that gets us to the point making something a viewer will admire.

My statement was, that not so many people are talented such as Einstein, Michelangelo, Donatello, Brunelleschi and masses of others.

Sandro Botticelli The Birth Of Venus 
Leonardo da Vinci Portrait of Ginevra Benci

The natural talent exists, I agree. However, the verdict of someone being naturally talented is often skewed. For example in reality, the talent can carry you so far, the rest is hard work.

I also believe in passion. Passion makes us strive for excellence.

My views are based on my experience; I’d love to hear yours.

3 thoughts on “Talent versus Hard Work

  1. That’s true – someone whom I admire once said that one can achieve anything with hard work and focus if one is passionate about the cause, and this idea has carried me through life and helped me to embrace goals that seemed unattainable.

    We all sometimes forget that painting involves not just inspiration and resourcefulness but a lot of very hard work. Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel is probably one of the most legendary examples of this. Not to forget that the romantic idea of the genius-artist only emerged in the 18th century, whilst before the artists were admired for their skill, experience, and dedication rather than for their ability to stand out – which is still the case in many non-Western cultures.


  2. It is amazing what goes on behind the scenes. I realized how much work goes on behind the scenes only when Lauren took up painting. It is incredible to see how her passion and dedication drives her outdoors when it is raining in autumn and it is so cold that her hands and feet freeze in the winter, how she still gets up and paints when she is really unwell, how many different things she is pursuing to connect to her fans and supporters, and how she overcomes creative blocks, hunts specialist artist supplies and utensils, and lights up when the work is complete and appreciated. I am proud to know Lauren, who is not only very talented, but also a very hard-working, extraordinary generous person who transformed our perception of art. Thank you!

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