Salmagundi Club in New York is opened to all artists and it hosts exhibitions of paintings of new members every year and few times a year for members. The club’s membership consists of artists and art patrons. It was founded as the Salmagundi Sketch Club in an artist’s studio in 1871, by artists who were not yet accepted into polite New York society, but were well behaved despite a somewhat bohemian lifestyle.

In 1917 the Club purchased a lovely brownstone at 47 Fifth Avenue at 12th street in New York City.


Last week we visited the Salmagundi Club to see an exhibition of paintings by new members. The invitation came from my fellow artist Chrissanth Greene-Gross. We met interesting artists there like Dorothy Lorenze, Todd Casey and others.

Members are primarily from the city and surrounding suburbs. Some notable individuals have been granted honorary membership such as Winston Churchill.

To read more visit club website

3 thoughts on “The Oldest Art Club in New York

    1. Thank you so much Dorothy! I am glad you enjoyed the post and I hope I found a future reader for my new posts in you! It was great to meet you and to share your happiness in receiving the award! Sorry I was so long in replying to your message. Wish you the best!


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