This week was a very special week as my family and friends attended my Graduation Ceremony at the Lincoln Center. The long anticipated event was even better than I expected and my university, SUNY, did a great job selecting the venue, decorating it, choosing suitable speakers, and awarding the degrees – I was very proud and moved at the same time.
After four years of hard work, attending lectures, working through heaps of very diverse study material, participating in workshops, figuring out how VLE works and learning the lingua franca of my degree, as well as meeting amazing professors and tutors and establishing great friendships with my fellow students, I was awarded a BA in Arts, and had a great sense of achievement and satisfaction sharing this moment with my family who arrived from so many different cities and countries to celebrate with me – as close as New York and San Diego, and as far as Italy and Vietnam!
I genuinely feel that my experience of studying towards my degree not only transformed my artistic perspective and vantage point, but also enriched my every day life – and also it was very challenging at times to persevere, I am very glad I did.
Now I am looking forward to heading to Italy in just a few days, for another insightful workshop with Andrew and the rest of our peripatetic ‘gang’ of artists joining us this summer, and with my husband Paul joining me on the trip, I will no doubt return to New York in July with many new paintings, ideas, impressions, and interests!
Thank you all for your ongoing support, and I will update you from Italy soon!