A recent trip to Cape May has opened a new world of llamas to me, and inspired me to paint two pendant llama portraits. While spending a weekend away from New York’s crowded streets that are full of life and movement every minute of the day, my husband and I visited an adorable alpaca llama farm in Cape May, which opened my heart to these cute, fascinating and legendary animals.

In addition to their adorably soft coats and incredibly cheeky yet cute faces, llamas have fleeces that are light, soft and water-repellent, which is why alpaca wool is so popular around the world, ever since the Peruvian people shore them for the first time for textiles about 6,000 years ago. But it is their charming and docile appearance, their sweet curiosity, and their affection that made Incas domesticate them, inviting these endearing camels to join their families and households.

Interestingly, it appears that llamas migrated to South America from North America, so having experienced an adorable family of llamas in Cape May, I decided to bring them back home and paint their portraits. I hope that my portraits of Sebastian and Giselle will make your hearts smile, and lighten up someone’s home some time soon. It is impossible not to smile and to feel happy when looking at their cheeky faces and eminent banana-shaped ears that radiate love and positive vibes. I am off to finish painting Giselle now so that she can join Sebastian, and will update you soon when the portraits are finished.

Here are some photos of the project that I hope will make you smile:

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