Did you know that a Faberge egg worth $33 million was discovered in a flea market in the US a couple of years ago, where a scrap metal dealer purchased it for $500? Or that beyond their world-famous decorative eggs, the House of Faberge also makes trinkets, picture frames, doorbells, jewelry, and clocks? Ever wondered why Faberge started making decorative eggs, and where the most breathtaking collections of Faberge items can be found?

My recent trip to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA) in Richmond – which owns the largest collection of Faberge masterworks outside Russia – piqued my interest in the subject. Seeing these incredible examples of outstanding craftsmanship, quality, and design reignited my love for decorative arts and sparked my passion for all things Faberge! I hope that this video will infect you with my enthusiasm for this timelessly beautiful brand.

To visit the VMFA’s online Faberge exhibition that features over 280 items: https://www.vmfa.museum/exhibitions/exhibitions/faberge-and-russian-decorative-arts/