Recent Exhibitions:

I am an oil, watercolor and pencil artist with a home studio in Bronxville, New York, and I am utterly fascinated with the world of art. My interests are ever evolving and shifting. You probably know the feeling, when you dip into one thing – let’s say you want to find out more about a new art movement you came across at a recent exhibition – and in the process of exploring it you discover a wonderful multitude of other hyper interesting things. And the new journey begins.


I am very lucky to be based in New York as this is the city of opportunities, where inspiration visits you everyone – there are so many fantastic exhibitions, museums, galleries, quirky places, events and mazes of new people and ideas here, that it is impossible not to feel excited and energised by the happenings in New York.

However, my art world is not limited to the USA alone. I travel abroad with my husband Paul to explore new things, get inspiration and ideas, and broaden my horizons. One of my favorite places – yes, predictably – is Italy, where just recently I took part in an inspirational landscape painting workshop for artists near Florence. Last year we also traveled to Southeast Asia where I was struck by the beauty of Angkor Wat and Halong Bay, and fascinated by Khmer silverware.

The wonderful journey of art is never finished, and I discover new things every day. I hope that you are sharing my passion for art and that you will enjoy exploring my website.