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Once again, it is autumn, and what a great season it is! Although landscape painting outdoors is getting more and more challenging every day and painters have to endure chilling winds and refreshing rains, the autumn colors are so inspiring. Just a few days ago, I returned from an en plein air painting workshop in Wethersfield, where I had a terrific time diversifying my skills and exchanging ideas with my fellow artists:

Autumn is a great time for looking forward to the future and reflecting on the past. While already dreaming about the upcoming Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years celebrations, a trip to the Whitney Museum reminded me of the Vietnam War as I came across these two posters when visiting an exhibition there:

The Civis Mundi magazine published an article titled “Without Knowledge of the Past There is No Future” in 2012, which stresses the importance of remembering the past, and these posters caught my eye and brought back memories of our visit to Vietnam a couple of years ago. Rory Kennedy, the daughter of the US Senator Robert Kennedy, filmed an interesting documentary The Last Days in Vietnam that shows some of the events of this war from an alternative perspective and questions many Western perceptions of these events.

Please visit my blog to read about the exhibition I visited at Whitney, and while there, I was lucky enough to bump into the legendary Roberto Monticello. Born in Cuba, he began his career writing and directing for the stage, receiving numerous awards and grants, before becoming a film director and settling in New York City:


I later came across a great article about him: Meet the Mayor of Meatpacking.

So, my autumn has started as a very eventful, inspiring and uplifting season, and so far it is the best autumn since the last autumn! Enjoy the colors, smells, sounds and tastes that this wonderful season has to offer.


“What  strikes me is the fact that in our society art has become something which is only related to objects, and not to individuals or to life

Michel Foucault 

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