Welcome to my website. Whether you are a fellow artist, an art student, a journalist, or just someone very interested in art, it is always great to connect with like-minded people.

At the moment I am in Florence, Italy, taking part in an en plen air workshop with a number of fellow, staying at Villa Agape and enjoying the beautiful views. I hope to return to the States with a variety of new Tuscany-inspired landscape and still life paintings, and spread the love for the Florentine landscape and cityscape through this series of artworks.

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“What  strikes me is the fact that in our society art has become something which is only related to objects, and not to individuals or to life

Michel Foucault 

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Annual Graduating Senior’s Art Exhibition at my University

As my graduation is approaching, I was asked to participate in the Annual Graduating Senior’s art exhibition at my University. Art works of 8 students were exhibited in an intimate room with a reception held at night. I exhibited my 2016-2017 landscape paintings from Florence, Italy and one of my still life paintings. The setting … Continue reading Annual Graduating Senior’s Art Exhibition at my University

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