Welcome to my website. Whether you are a fellow artist, an art student, a journalist, or just someone interested in art, it is always great to connect with like-minded people.

I love how art transforms people and has the ability to make our hearts smile by introducing beauty and joy in our lives. Another such source of positive energy is nature, and seeing and experiencing nature is always not only fascinating but also heart-healing and soul-nourishing. Therefore, my art focuses on charming landscapes that make you dream and adorable animal portraits that make you smile – I call them soulscapes and adoranis – which are inspired by the beautiful nature around us.

I hope that my work will inspire you to go for a walk, climb mountains, go camping, or to drive to a national park, and to admire the beauty of nature that surrounds us. My animal portraits are created to spread the positive energy and emotions that most people experience when they see adorable animals. When you look at my paintings, in your home or in your office, I hope that they will fill your heart with joy and happiness and brighten your day, even if it is just for a few moments.

* The header image for this page was shot by David Matos