Just recently, in October, MOMA received donation of 102 works by 37 Latin American artists. Among the artists represented in the gift are Lygia Clark, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Gego, Helio Oiticia, Lygia Pape, and Jesus Rafael Soto. Supporting art from Latin America, museum had already two solo exhibitions of Mexican muralist Diego Rivera.

Latin American Art



Diego Rivera’s fresco “Liberation of the Peon”1931


Philadelphia Museum of Art as well turned to Mexico’s art and  opened an exhibition “Paint the Revolution”. Mexicos long-standing president, Porfirio Diaz, was thrown out of the office in 1911. Several years later in 1914, revolutionary art came to the forefront with artists such as Francisco Goitia showing the horrors of war. Diego Rivera weighed in on the subject while he was living in Paris.


Juan Soriano “The Dead Girl” 1938

Several different groups of artists sprang up and stirred things up by forming competing groups such as Stridentism (rejecting nationalist art), Contemporaneos (art for art’s sake) and Muralists


Frida Khalo “Selfportrait on the Border Line Between Mexico and the United States”1932

This exhibition makes a good case for visiting Philadelphia’s Museum of Art.


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  1. A good case for visiting the Philadelphia Museum of Art indeed, and what a great addition to its collection that adds a great edge to it and diversifies its permanent exhibition – thank you for sharing with us!


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