On Friday evening we had dinner with Andrew Lattimore and his wife Donna, in Cold Spring. It is about an hour drive north from Bronxville. Andrew, my painting instructor, is always interesting, and  thought provoking and the dinner at Cathryn’s Tuscan Grill was enjoyable. Also the wine list was quite extensive.

After discussing the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s current exhibitions with Andrew and Donna we decided to go late Saturday afternoon. Maybe because it was later there were big crowds.

Valentin de Boulogne (1591-1632), French artist, took Carravaggio’s use of live models even to a higher level of realism. His naturalistic paintings of dramatic events and deep humanity of his figures are quite captivating. He had his stable of models, including himself, that reappeared in numerous canvasses. Majority of his paintings are in private collections, it is why it was fascinating to see them in one place. Valentin is little known, because his career was short-lived-he died at age 41-and his works are so rare.

To read more visit museum website


Me and Paul 🙂
Saint Mathew, ca. 1624-26 Oil on canvas
Fortune -Teller, ca. 1615-16 Oil on canvas
This particular painting of Saint John the Baptist struck me with simplicity of the light and dark values and the light flowing drapery around the body. What a Master!




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