I was pleased to read in the Sunday’s The New York Times that people fondly remember Bill Cunningham, the fashion photographer and brilliant editor who passed away last year:


The article mentioned that Bill had been covering the Easter Parade since the 1950’s. The parade started as a fashion statement after church services and swelled into an extravaganza of some excess as wilder costumes and hats entered the scene. The Times released a number of amazing photos taken by Bill that have never been published before, and no doubt the editor had so many options to choose from, considering that Bill took about 2,000 photos every week.



I was hoping that this exceptionally talented and fascinating person who was always shy of any publicity would not be forgotten easily. As I was finishing my tribute painting that is dedicated to this extraordinary person, The Bill Cunningham Corner, for the upcoming ArtExpo exhibition this week, I had a great time reflecting on his unassuming personality that deeply impressed me when I accidentally bumped into him in Manhattan just over a year ago.


Bill captured so many people’s imagination with his photographic skills and insight and made people from all over the world to fall in love with street fashion the same way he did many years ago.


My tribute painting to Bill will be exhibited at the ArtExpo New York 2017 at Pier 94 on the Hudson River (54thStreet) this weekend. I hope that my work will remind people of Bill’s contribution to our society, and be a quiet but memorable celebration of his life.

Bill Cunningham Corner, oil on canvas (in progress)

To find out more about the exhibition, please visit: http://artexponewyork.com/

2 thoughts on “I and The New York Times Commemorating Bill Cunningham

  1. He was a wonderful man. Glad you chose him.

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    1. Thank you Svetlana,
      What makes him Bill Cunningham is his visionary pioneering of street fashion blogging.
      I finished painting yesterday and am little sad that my journey is over. Now looking forward to the exhibition and already thinking about other projects.


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