The first two days at the exhibition have been very eventful and exciting! The visitors are incredibly diverse, and it is a unique opportunity to meet art lovers from all over the world, and also to see some very uniquely dressed individuals – I am sure that Bill Cunningham to whom my tribute piece is dedicated would have found a lot of inspiration for his street fashion photography here!

The highlights of my first two days were meeting Mark Shapiro with his son and his son’s girlfriend, making friends with a rising artist from Uzbekistan who is exhibiting next to me and specializes in miniatures including Mogul art copies, being visited by a group of unicorns, and of course the many visits by my friends and family who found time to support me and visit my corner.

I was asked for an interview as a Rising Artist, and will share more exciting updates with you after the exhibition closes on Monday. Thank you to everyone for your support, and I am already full of new ideas for the next year’s exhibition!

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