I asked a friend of mine, Andrew Lattimore, who is a renown artist himself and teaches painting to beginning and advanced level students in the USA and Europe to write a guest post on my blog, please enjoy reading his thoughts below.

Once again I return this summer to Florence, Italy, my beloved, spiritual home that I know so well.  It has been forty years since I first fell
under the spell and intrigue of this magnificent city, that which is considered the birth place of the Renaissance.  It’s history, wealth, genius
and above all it’s art, have inspired the world for centuries there after.  Florence has always been part of what was called the “grand tour” of
an artist’s training and an individual’s education in the esthetics and humanities.
This summer once again, I am thrilled to be taking another group of students and art lovers to enjoy the riches of Tuscany and experience my
intimate tour of the culturally rich and dynamic city of  Florence.  This year we are fortunate to be staying in Florence “proper” yet
we’ll still enjoy the Tuscan landscape as we paint in ‘plein air’ on the property of Art Hotel Villa Agape.
Of course, the abundance of art on our tour begins with Michelangelo’s colossal marble figure of David. (Attached is an extremely
foreshortened drawing of David I drew sitting at the base of his pedestal during my student years).   Among the numerous places we will visit, the magnificent Duomo, Medici Chapels, the Bargello, Santa Maria Novella, Palazzo Vecchio, Palazzo Pitti and the Uffizi Galleries, where Leonardo’s “Adoration of the Magi” has just been unveiled to the public again after 6 years of delicate restoration.
Another important point of interest is seeing the plein air landscapes of the Italian impressionists, known as the ‘Macchiaioli’.  Their
contribution to the ‘plein air’ movement is historically understated and in some cases unknown.  Their example will inspire us as we paint  the gardens and hills of Florence.  (Attached is a landscape demo of olive trees I did in ‘plein air’ at a previous Florence workshop).  There will also be painting demos in this workshop.
There is also the people of Florence.  Besides their love of life and the arts; is their passion for design, fashion, sumptuous food and wine.  To walk side by side with all Florentines in kinship, has always been one of the great cultural experiences of my life.  I look forward to the next chapter this July 3rd – 14th, 2017.
If you have any interest in joining us for this journey and experiencing the sublime beauty of Tuscany this summer.  Please contact:
Andrew Lattimore at lattimorestudio@yahoo.com or call (914) 819-8856.


Foreshortened David-1977

Olive tree demo

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